Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hawaiian Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

Super cheery Personalized Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies.  Unique Original photography enhanced for unique and cheerful Luau Party Supplies and gift everyone will love.  

CLICK HERE to see more customizable Hawaii Party Ideas, Hawaiian Decor and Gifts

CALL Zazzle Pro Designer Little Linda Pinda Designs: 239-949-9090 to assist you in personalizing these Pineapple themed party supplies. Hawaiian themed birthday party personalised Hawaiian gifts and so much more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Personalized Photo Wrapping Paper with Wood look Frame

Personalized Photo Wrapping Paper with Wood look Frame. ON SALE. Make your gifts really stand out with YOUR PICTURE. I can change the frame to any color. Give me, Little Linda Pinda, a Call for free custom design service on all of our many, many customizable gifts: 239-949-9090 

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper

 CLICK HERE for Zazzle Personalized Photo Gift Wrapping Paper

Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper. Choose Glossy, Matte and various photo wrapping paper roll sizes. If you are looking for really strong personalized wrapping paper, try the Tyvek photo gift wrap.

CLICK HERE for Zazzle Personalized Photo Gift Wrapping Paper

Call Designer Little Linda Pinda for HELP or CHANGES to this personalized wrapping paper or any of our Zazzle personalized gifts.

Little Linda Pinda Designs


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Limit Edition Pillow Pets Bunny for Sale

Limited Edition Pillow Pets Bunny is so soft and adorable. Special gift ideas for bunny themed nursery and for girls bunny bedroom decor. White Bunny Nursery and soft pink. Girls will love cuddling Thumpy Bunny Pillow Pet.  This adorable and cuddly bunny pillow pet is so soft you won't want to put her down. Thumpy Bunny is this Limited Edition Pillow Pets name. Call Linda for questions: 239-949-9090

CLICK this AMAZON LINK: Limited Edition Pillow Pets Thumpy Bunny

How about nice Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend?

5 Star Reviews from verified Amazon Buyers

"Great!"  and "Best Pillow Pet" 

Wonderful Bunny Themed Baby Shower Gifts for Baby Girls

Limited Edition Pillow Pets BUNNY

Super Soft Plush Animals for Girls

Thumpy Limited Edition Pillow Pet is a bit larger than the size of a regular sized sofa pillow.

CLICK HERE to see more on this Limited Edition Bunny Pillow Pet

I was able to purchase a limited supply of these adorable Thumpy Bunny Pillow Pets and am offering them at a great price HERE:
CLICK this AMAZON LINK: Limited Edition Pillow Pets Thumpy Bunny

This Limited Edition Pillow Pet Bunny is so soft you won't want to stop petting her.  Pretty soft pink belly and polka dots under her ears.  Extra special because some day, Thumpy Bunny might become more valuable because she is a limited edition pillow pet. I guess only time will tell but meantime, enjoy her, love her and give her lots and lots of hugs.  

Feel free to contact me regarding any of our Amazon products or limited edition pillow pets. I personally love these off white plush bunnies with a gentle soft pink belly, tail and nose and cute polka dot lining under her ears.  They are so incredibly soft to  the touch and lay your head on.

For adorable pink and white bunny theme nursery, Thumpy Bunny will fit right in. As mentioned, I would put Thumpy Bunny up high for cute nursery ideas until your daughter is old enough to play with her. 

Generally, It is recommended not to put soft plush toys, pillows and such in a crib do to suffocation chances.  Nice addition for your bunny themed nursery decor or for older girls with a bunny themed bedroom.  Great as Bunny Decor for Nursery and Bunny Themed Bedroom for Girls.

Cute Luv Puppy Pillow Pets - LIMITED SUPPLY

CLICK HERE for our Amazon Pillow Pet Luv Puppy

Little Linda Pinda, LLC

Feel free contact me at: 239-949-9090    Calling is BEST

Here are more photos and information at my Website:  
CLICK HERE for Gifts For Creative People Bunny Pillow Pets article

or Go Directly to see my Cuddly Bunny Pillow Pet on Amazon HERE:   
Limited Edition Thumpy Bunny Pillow Pet CLICK HERE

I am a Seller and Associate for Amazon and will receive compensation when you click any of my Amazon Links and purchase one of the products that I am representing.

I really appreciate that you chose Little Linda Pinda, LLC to shop and read about our limited edition bPillow Pet Bunnies. We GUARANTEE that you will love your products or your money back. 

I hope you and the receiver of this cuddly bunny pillow pet will enjoy her for years to come. 

If I am temporarily showing out of stock, please give me a CALL at: 239-949-9090 or Email me using Subject Line "PILLOW PETS" and I will let you know if or when my stock will be replenished.  

These are Limited Edition Pillow Pets and I hope you are able to get one before they are all gone. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Gifts For Creative People Blog.  

Little Linda Pinda, LLC

Feel free contact me at: 239-949-9090    Calling is the BEST method to get ahold of me.

Please give me a call Linda if we are showing out of stock on Amazon. It is possible that I will have them in stock shortly and can let you know a time frame. Pillow pet bunnies are Limited Edition Pillow Pets so quantities are limited.

They are kept safe and sound in our climate controlled home or at Amazon, not in a humid basement or garage.

I hope you love Thumpy the Pillow Pet as much as I do. Your little girl will be so excited. Remember, keep all stuffed animals and other products that could cause suffocation away from babies.

Keep Thumpy Pillow Pet up high on display until she is old enough to safely enjoy her. 

I am an Amazon Seller and Affiliate. When you purchase through my links, I earn a small portion of the sale.  Thank you sooooo much for shopping with Little Linda Pinda.  Feel free to call with your questions. 

CALL Linda 239-949-9090

CLICK this AMAZON LINK: Limited Edition Thumby Bunny Pillow Pets

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Softball Phone Case PERSONALIZED Your Name, Number and TEAM COLORS

Personalized Softball Phone Cases

Your Name, Number, Colors Customized by You or I will design for you. Softball iPhone Cases for older iPhones to the newest Softball iPhone 6S Case or change to an iPad, Galaxy or one of several other softball cases for girls. CALL Linda to create a softball phone case for you.

Softball iPhone Cases and Other Softball Cases CLICK HERE

iPhone Softball Cases Personalized

Personalized Softball Phone Cases for Girls and Women with her Name, Jersey Number or Monogram and her Team Colors or favorite colors.  All you do it type in your text or delete.  Instructions to change the COLORS on each product design description.
Visit our Softball Cases article to see many softball iPhone cases for girls.  Zazzle personalized softball phone cases are name brand quality cases in a variety of styles for iPhone 3 and Newest softball iPhone 6 cases to  Galaxy Softball Cases, iPad and more.  Call us to create a cute softball gifts for you at no extra custom charges.

ASK for Little Linda Pinda for HELP or we will customize your new Softball Phone Case at no extra custom charges.  

100% LOVE IT Guarantee on all Zazzle personalized gifts.  See details.  Look for Zazzle Free Shipping program too, called Zazzle Black.  I use it and love sending my family and friends Quality personalized gifts that they LOVE.

Zazzle's mission is to provide you with top notch customer service, 100% "Love It" Guarantee with amazing vibrant printing process on quality products.  I love all of my Zazzle gifts I given to myself and my friends and family. 

CALL Linda at: 

CLICK HERE to visit our Personalized Gifts Shop featuring Sports Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Custom Home Decor and more 

If you have an idea that you would like to see if I can create for you, please give me a call.  If you see any of my designs but would like it on a different Zazzle product or changes to the design, I can easily do that for you at no extra custom charges.

Phone case softball design or I can place any of our sports designs on any of the older to newest phone cases. call Linda: 239:949-9090 to create a great softball phone case, iPad, Galaxy or one of the many iPhone cases and lots of other brand cell phones.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Customizable Bible Verse Pillows and Bible Verses Wall Art

Customizable Bible Verse Pillows and Bible Verses Wall Art with Your Favorite Bible Verse.  You can also keep the Bible Verses we featured on these Christian Clocks, Bible Verse Pillows and other scripture Christian Wall Decor. Call Linda if you would like me to change any parts of the design or for help: 239-949-9090.

How about writing your own family NAME or MONOGRAM on the Christian decorating ideas. 
Our Personalized Christian Gifts Zazzle Store   CLICK HERE
Customizable Christian Bible Verse Pillows and Decor Featured Gifts CLICK HERE

Christian Clocks for Bible Verse Wall Art

Beautiful Christian Clocks look like artwork too. Practical and beautiful antique and vintage look personalized Christian gift Ideas for women.  Vintage feel with the old looking crackled artistic effect on the vines.  A daily reminder that "We Will Serve the Lord" or type in YOUR BIBLE VERSE or TEXT. CALL Linda for Help or Changes: 239-949-9090.

Christian Glass Cutting Board - Practical Christian Kitchen Decor

"God Bless Our Home" and the scripture verse, Joshua 24: 15  "As for Me and My House, We will serve the Lord!" and  or YOUR TEXT typed into the Text Box Templates.

This is another pretty yet practical gift for the home. Great Wedding or Anniversary gift ideas too. 

As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord Cutting Boards

As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord Cutting Boards CLICK HERE

Practical and lovely Christian Home Decor for Kitchens, Living Rooms and Bedrooms. They serve several purposes.

1. A reminder to think about the Lord and scriptures.

2. Bible Verse Art and lovely Christian Kitchen Decor to beautify our home.

3. Tell time, snuggle up with the Christian Scripture Pillows or prepare our dinner with the lovely personalized cutting boards. 

Linda Contact Lighter Gold BEST USE photo LittleLindaPindaUSE590x320LighterGOLDContactWEBInformationforZazzleCards07-06-2014copycopy_zps27eeaaa0.png 

Thank you for shopping with Little Linda Pinda. When you purchase one of my products, I will earn a small commission from Zazzle as a Designer. I REALLY appreciate that you chose my design. I am offering a free customization service.

All or parts of any of my designs can be placed on any of the many, many Zazzle producst.  I am happy create custom gifts with NO extra design charges.  Please feel free to give me a call and talk about what you are thinking of: Linda 239-949-9090

Visit our site to see lots and lots of customizable gifts for the entire family, sports team gifts and for dear friends and family, including your precious pets. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Personalized Sports Phone Cases for iPhone 4

Personalized Sports Phone Cases for iPhone 4, 5, 6 and the new Sports iPhone 6S Case.  with Your NAME, Jersey Number, Monogram or Your Text. Change the background and text COLORS to Your Team Colors or favorite color combination.

Change it to a Newer iPhone , iPad, Galaxy Case Style

TOUGH iPhone 4 Cases Sports Theme with YOUR NAME
TOUGH iPhone 4 Cases Sports Theme with YOUR NAME by LittleLindaPinda

Here is a similar iPhone 6 Case  
including the new Sports iPhone 6S Cases
Personalized Sports iPhone Cases Your Colors, Text Barely There iPhone 6 Case
Personalized Sports iPhone Cases Your Colors, Text Barely There iPhone 6 Case

Most of the Case Styles can be changed to other device cases such as iPad, iPod, Older to Newer Sports iPhone Cases and Galaxy Cover. 

Here it is as an Sports iPad Air Cover

Personalized Sports iPhone Cases Your Colors, Text Barely There iPhone 6 Case

I made this design on a phone case for my grandson.  I bought him the Xtreme Tough iPhone Case for added protection.  He takes really great care of his phone, even at a young age.  I can help you ADD more or less text to any of the sports phone cases.  You can change the background and the text color too.

For Changes to Any Design or Help CALL:

Little Linda Pinda Designs


Any of my Designs on ANY Zazzle gifts and products, pillows, throw blankets, apparel, device cases, decor and soooo much more. CALL me, Linda, for your special order request. Linda: 239-949-9090

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Personalized Presents for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Presents for 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Anniversary Gifts 500 x 300 Google Feature Large photo 50thAnniversaryGiftsGoogleFeaturedImage500x300_zps60440a99.png
SCROLL WAY DOWN to See More Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents, Grandparents and Friends and Family. For a DIFFERENT anniversary YEAR, I can place ANY of the 50th anniversary designs with any COLORS on ANY of Zazzle's gifts from cheap anniversary gifts to moderately priced.

Call Linda for Changes to our Personalized Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts or Help: 239-949-9090

Unique and Personalized Presents for 50th Wedding Anniversary for couples, friends and family. Traditional Golden Anniversary Gifts are original designs by Little Linda Pinda.

Type in the couple's Names and their Anniversary Date or Wedding Date or delete any text you wish. Two easy to use text box templates for you to Highlight the temporary text and Type in YOUR TEXT or Delete.

Our Best Selling and most Popular Personalized 
Anniversary Gifts: Lovers Mugs

Personalized Golden Anniversary Gifts for Parents Serving Tray CLICK HERE

I designed a serving tray for my mom which she absolutely LOVES.  My husband wanted me to ask my mom what she thought we should buy our friends for their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary and somehow I just knew she was going to say the Personalized Serving Tray.  

What I didn't expect is that my mother didn't even want to give me another idea because she felt so strongly about it.  I was hoping to spend a little less money but we decided to give our friends a Personalized Fiftieth Anniversary Serving Tray. The custom serving trays are available in Small and Large with Black or Natural Finishes.  We bought the Black Large Serving Tray. 

Custom made anniversary serving tray I made our friend's fiftieth wedding anniversary gifts. The wife loves animal prints, black, tans and gold. They are very involved in church and serving the Lord, so I added the two Crosses. I put their Names on the banner above the heart. You can see part of the 50th Anniversary Cards I designed and bought for them as well.

I can customize an anniversary gifts for your friends and family too. CALL or TEXT me at: 239-949-9090 or see email below.  

I made this for our friends 

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and Gifts

I can create a beautiful Wedding Anniversary Gift for Any Year.
Call me at: 239-949-9090

Any parts of any of my designs can be placed on any of Zazzle's hundreds of quality and lovely personalized gifts. Just give me, Linda @ 239-949-9090

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Grandparents, Parents, Family and Friends

I can make any of these designs and custom anniversary gifts with Your Couple's Names, Colors or other anniversary designs for any year.  If you see parts of a design you like or don't like, I can eliminate that or make changes for you. No custom charges. 

What is the symbol for 50th Wedding Anniversary?

What is the symbol for 50th Wedding Anniversary? Gold. Well, gold is very pricey but I've designed beautiful faux gold anniversary gifts for couple's. Most can be personalized by you or you can call me and I will customize it for you.

Our friends our displaying their serving tray in their Dining Room when they are not using it.  My mom quickly hangs it on the wall near her kitchen to quickly grab it every morning to serve herself breakfast in bed. 
Zazzle has a 100% LOVE IT Guarantee and A+ BBB Rating
an impressive Less than 1% of their products are ever returned.

What is the 50th Anniversary Gift 

Gold is the Tradition 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Couples. Personalizing an anniversary gift makes it even more special and memorable. The golden anniversary gift ideas featured here are neutral to fit into most decor.  I know I could use an extra clock in my home. The anniversary clocks will be practical and beautiful for Kitchens, Living Rooms even wonderful in the bathroom so you know what time it is where ever you are in the home.
Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts MUGS Lovers Mug
Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts MUGS CLICK HERE

We will create a custom Anniversary Gift for you at no extra charge. We will also make any changes on any of our Zazzle merchandise.  If you are looking for a really special and personalized anniversary gifts, 
CALL Little Linda Pinda at: 239-949-9090

CLICK the Tiger and Linda to see our Zazzle Online Personalized Gifts Shop with almost 2000 original designs that are customizable and personalizable. Featuring lots of Personalized Sports Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Cute Animals and so much more.

It is so much fun to hear how much people are loving these Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts.  Personalizing them and the unique design by Little Linda Pinda will make a special day a little bit more special.

I just ordered a set of the lovers mugs for my friends.  I know they will cherish this fiftieth anniversary memory.

  Linda Contact Lighter Gold BEST USE photo LittleLindaPindaUSE590x320LighterGOLDContactWEBInformationforZazzleCards07-06-2014copycopy_zps27eeaaa0.png 

Little Linda Pinda Designs 

 239-949-9090 -  Subject Line "CONTACT" in Caps so I don't miss you. CALL or TEXT is best. 

Many people are searching for something special to give to their parents, grandparents, family and really good friends. When they come across thes gifts, a certain excitement comes over them because they know they are giving something more special then just a gold frame or plate. They are giving golden wedding anniversary gifts that have special meaning because you personalized it just for them. I created them with a neutral type tone that will lend itself beautifully in many rooms.